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Eliminating These Top Stressors Can Give Seniors Peace Of Mind

elderly senior woman with dog and caneAs seniors grow older, it’s understandable that stress will appear in their lives. This could be due to things like losing a loved one, which can impact how they think about their own health and aging.

According to ComfortKeeper.com, signs of stress can include either overeating or a lack of appetite, quick changes in mood, a lack of concentration, and an increase in isolation. If you’re experiencing a great deal of stress, it is important to combat it. These tips can help you do just that.

Lower Anxiety by Taking a Relaxing Exercise Class

Sometimes when a senior is constantly stressed, it can escalate into anxiety. A great way to lower anxiety is by taking some time out of the day to work out. Activities like yoga and tai chi can be perfect for seniors because they’re low-impact. Yoga can cultivate strength and flexibility, and regular practice can help with recovery from strokes and surgery, control diabetes, and influence better sleep quality. Tai chi can address these factors, as well as help with concentration. Videos can be found online to try these exercises out before joining a class with fellow seniors or developing your own at-home practice. By incorporating some stress-releasing exercises that encourage calm thoughts, anxiety levels can drop and stress can be addressed.

Defeat Diseases by Eating a Well-Rounded Diet

If the possibility of obtaining diseases can cause stress (and vice versa), sometimes combating against it can be as simple as choosing what you eat. A healthy diet can improve your chances of defending yourself from potential ailments, whereas eating unhealthy options can increase your chances of obesity, heart disease, and strokes. According to Chefs for Seniors, it is important for seniors to eat foods with plenty of vitamins and minerals, fiber, antioxidants, and protein. That means munching on fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts, and even dark chocolate. Additional ways to keep your diet healthy is by planning your meals and cutting back on table salt and sugar. By choosing healthy, vitamin-rich foods, you can keep your body strong.

Save Money by Volunteering at Your Favorite Organization

If finances are a big stressor for you but you still want to enjoy being active in your life, try volunteering. Giving some of your time can help increase your own happiness without spending money. It can be socially beneficial as seniors can be around people and step away from isolation, in addition to contributing to their community. Volunteering can be flexible according to your schedule and preferences, whether you can contribute an hour or a full day. Become active at the local school or at your religious space. If you are looking for new opportunities, try the Senior Corps, which allows older adults to be mentors for young people and children, or Musicians On Call, which gives seniors the opportunity to play music in hospitals.

Fight Depression by Taking Advantage of Medicare Part B

Another large stressor for seniors is depression due to isolation or the loss of a loved one. If you are experiencing depression, it is important to reach out to a mental health professional. Seniors can address mental health challenges by looking to their Medicare benefits. Medicare Part B covers a yearly depression screening, as well as grief and family counseling, and therapy provided by a mental health professional such as a clinical nurse specialist or psychiatrist. By getting treatment, you can improve your overall health.

Stop Worrying About Falling At Home And Being Left Alone

So many seniors who live alone share a fear of falling and being left on the floor alone for hours or days before someone finds them. This is a very real fear, but one that can be managed with an affordable medical alert system from Medical Care Alert. With a medical alert system, you just press the button if you need any kind of help, especially a fall. And new technologies like automatic fall detection can initiate a call to the emergency response center even if the wearer doesn't press the button.

It is critical for seniors to understand if they are feeling stressed, as it can negatively impact their health. However, by eating healthy, volunteering, seeking help, and taking some time out of the day to relax, seniors can battle their stress and create a healthier, happier lifestyle for themselves.

About The Author - Kent Elliot

Kent Elliot is a retired architect with a passion for dogs, DIY, and universal design. After a stroke left him with mobility issues, he thought he would need to move out of his home and into an assisted living community. But, using his experience as an architect and with a little creativity, he was able to successfully remodel his family home instead. The relief he felt has inspired him to help others do the same, and he created Athomeaging.info to share what he’s learned.