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Bedtime Buddy Button and SmartCharger for HOME & AWAY ELITE
Bedtime Buddy Button and SmartCharger for HOME & AWAY ELITE

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"Bedtime Buddy" is An Extra Button and Charging Station for Your HOME & AWAY ELITE Medical Alert System

Get an extra emergency button to wear at night while your HOME & AWAY ELITE pendant is charging.

Wear the button at night while your HOME & AWAY ELITE pendant is charging. Lets you sleep comfortably with a lightweight button on your wrist.

Perfect for folks who get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, or don't wish to wear the pendant around their neck while sleeping.

Most clients place the ELITE pendant in the charging station on their nightstand when they go to be, and wear the Bedtime Buddy button while the pendant is charging overnight.

You just pay a one-time charge of $60.00 for the Bedtime Buddy Button. No additional fees or charges!

  • When using the Bedtime Buddy Button, the ELITE pendant must be placed in the SmartCharger, and powered on, with a strong cellular signal and the SmartCharger connected to AC power.
  • Bedtime Buddy Button is paired to the SmartCharger, not to the ELITE pendant.
  • When Bedtime Buddy Button is pressed, it sends a signal to the SmartCharger to activate the ELITE pendant to call our Emergency Response Center.
  • You do not speak into the Bedtime Buddy Button - all two-way voice communication is handled via the ELITE pendant.
  • Maximum recommended distance is 150 feet from the SmartCharger.
  • Bedtime Buddy does NOT include fall detection, even if your ELITE pendant does.
  • Bedtime Buddy is NOT designed for use outside of the home - carry your ELITE pendant when leaving home.
List Price: $75.00

Your Price: $60.00
Sale Price: $60.00

Medical Alert System Description

Wear your "Bedtime Buddy" wrist button while your HOME & AWAY ELITE Medical Alert System is charging at night.

Here's What You Get:

  • Bedtime Buddy Wrist Button and Wrist Strap
  • SmartCharger charging base station
When you order the Bedtime Buddy with your HOME & AWAY ELITE system, we substitute normal charging base station with the "SmartCharger", and synch the Bedtime Buddy Button with the SmartCharger base for you. Your system is tested and ready for use when it arrives - just plug it in to activate, and you're ready to go!