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A Medical Alert Pendant to Help You Maintain Your Active Lifestyle

Perfect for folks who garden, get outside, visit the neighbors. You can even answer your phone through the pendant if you like!

Couple with medical alertDo the things you love with a medical alert system that goes where you do around the home and yard.

Medical Care Alert offers an elderly alert necklace that helps you remain active and keep safe. Our medical alarm necklace is perfect for active seniors who like to garden, walk, or just enjoy their yard. Like all of our equipment, these necklaces are free when you sign up!

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Home System Pricing
HOME & YARD Medical Alert System
Perfect for folks who garden, get outside , visit the neighbors.
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Description Most Flexible Price & Flexibility Best Value
Monthly Cost $34.95 $34.95 $32.04
(After Free Month Discount)
Here’s what you get Home and Yard Medical System Home and Yard Medical System Home and Yard Medical System
Complete Medical Alert System
(24/7 monitoring, 2-way voice
pendant, console)
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Risk Free 30-Day Trial
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Free Spouse Monitoring
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One Month Free
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Lifetime Price Guarantee
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An alert necklace for elderly loved ones allows them to maintain an active lifestyle with the peace of mind that comes with knowing help is just a button push away. Our operators are EMT certified, available 24/7, and will stay on the line until help arrives.

Our Medical Alert System Pricing is Simple: 
Nothing To Buy – We provide the medical alert
equipment for FREE
NO Long Term Contracts – Cancel at any time
NO Activation or Set Up Fees – No hidden fees of any kind
As low as $32.04 a month – Guaranteed to never go up

About the Voice Pendant

Home and Away RemoteWater Resistant – Wear it in the bath or shower, where serious accidents
can happen.
Easy Voice Prompted Setup Voice Prompted System - Provides announcements during set-up, testing, battery test and full system check.
Long Life Rechargeable Pendant Batteries - over 4 hours of talk time on a full charge, and up to 4 months in stand-by. Two rechargeable batteries are included; charge them in base station charger.
Easy To Test - Press the test button on the back of the pendant to hear it speak - “Battery is OK”, “Battery is low”, or “Replace battery now”. No more
AccessoriesAutomatic Check-In - The pendant checks in with the base station every 13 hours. Medical Care Alert Monitoring Center is notified in the event of power loss, a very low battery or loss of pendant signal.
Answer the Phone - Answer incoming calls with the pendant if desired. A convenient feature if you are out in the yard away from the house phone.
3 Pendant options - Lanyard, a Wrist/Wheelchair Strap holder and a Belt Clip are Included. Wear your medical alert pendant any way you choose!
600 Foot Range – That’s two football fields from the base. Pendant will beep when you get out of range.
• Add up to three more pendants for just $5 a month each, or purchase for just $60.00 each (up to 4 total devices).

Learn More About Our Medical Alert Necklace – Call Us Today!

Whether you are looking to buy a medical alert necklace for yourself or for a loved one, we want to help you find the best one for your needs. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-855-272-1010 so that one of our experts can address all the questions and concerns you have about senior safety.

About the Base

Base Unit24 Hour Standby Emergency Battery Power - 4 NiMh rechargeable batteries continually charge in the medical alert base station provide up to 24 hours of standby power in the event of a power failure.
Up To 4 Pendants or Buttons – System can accommodate a total of 4 pendants & Emergency Wall Communicators. No extra monitoring fees to monitor your spouse or others in the home. Just add an extra medical alert pendant or wall button
for just $5 a month. Or purchase for just $60.00. Great for couples or group homes.
Compact – won’t take up much room on your counter or nightstand.

About the Emergency Wall Communicator(Optional)

Tub Accessory• These easy stick-on communicators allow for full two-way voice communication anytime an emergency occurs.
• Particularly handy if one forgets to carry their pendant with them to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
• Operates for 10 months in standby on 4 AAA alkaline batteries - and provides over 5 hours of talk time.
• Just $5 a month, added to your plan. Or purchase for just $60.00. Total of 4 devices per base unit.

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Actual photo of a HOME & AWAY ELITE GPS Pendant run over by an SUV!
Extended Protection Plan - Annual

Our Price: $60.00 / 12 month(s)

Annual Plan


Annual protection plan for your Medical Alert System - $60.00 a year. Covers loss, damage. Deductibles and limits apply:
  • HOME Standard Button - up to 2 replacements per year, no deductible. $29.95 Per Button After 2 replacements.
  • HOME Fall Detection Pendant - Limit 1 replacement per year, no deductible. $50 Per Pendant after 1 replacement.
  • HOME & YARD Pendant - Limit 1 replacement per year, no deductible. $50 Per Pendant after 1 replacement.
  • HOME & AWAY ELITE Pendant - Limit 1 replacement per year, $50 deductible. $150 Per Pendant after 1 replacement.
  • All Systems - Electrical Damage, Lightning Strikes, Power Surge - 1 replacement per year, $50 Deductible. $150 Per System after 1 replacement.

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