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Fall Detection System Medical Alert Pendant

Automatic Fall Detection System Medical Alert Button
Fall Detection Medical Alert Systems

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Our Fall Detection System Pendant Automatically Lets Us Know If You Fall!

Get an extra layer of protection and peace of mind with our unique automatic fall detection system pendant.

Sensitive enough to detect a fall or stumble, smart enough to let you go about your day without setting off false alarms.*

It works with our HOME GSM Medical Alert System which works even if you dont have a phone line, and with our HOME & AWAY GPS Medical Alert System for folks "on the go".
Perfect if you don't have a traditional phone line, or if you use a discount phone service like MagicJack or Vonage.

It also works with our
HOME & AWAY GPS Mobile Medical Alert System when you are away from home.

Please call to order, or learn more: 1-855-272-1010

Here's How It Works:

  • If you fall and can't get up and are unable to press the button, the automatic fall detection system pendant will detect a fall and automatically send a signal to the emergency response center.
  • Even if the user cannot speak, the operator will dispatch help.

  • The fall detection system Pendant is waterproof, so it can be used in the shower where many falls occur.

  • In addition to the auto fall detect alert feature, users can press the button anytime for emergency help.

  • Fall detection pendant works up to 600 feet away from the base unit - thats the length of two football fields.

  • System works even with no land line phone system (click here for AT&T Coverage map)
  • Reliable AT&T Wireless coverage for the medical alert device to contact our monitoring center

Now you can add fall detection for just $10 a month!

Please call to order, or learn more: 1-855-272-1010 -- CURRENTLY ON BACK ORDER, PLEASE CALL FOR DETAILS

* NOTE: Fall detector does not detect 100% of falls. If able, users should always push their help button when they need assistance.

Monthly Cost $10.00
Our Price: $10.00

Medical Alert System Description Technical Specs Extended Information
Fall detection can be a serious issue for many people of all ages. With the automatic fall detection system pendent emergency response centers are contacted even if the user cannot press the button. If the user is unable to speak, the operator will dispatch help to the user’s location. The system is waterproof, making it shower accessible, where falls are common. Users can move up to 600 feet away from the base unit and the fall detection system pendant is still in range.
  • - Lightweight, waterproof automatic fall detection pendant.
    - Works with both the HOME GSM Medical Alert System, and the HOME & YARD GPS Medical Alert System
    - Reliable AT&T Wireless coverage
    - 600 foot range from fall detection pendant to base unit - that's around two football fields, or a five acre radius

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